HR and Finance Services


Management Consultancy

We assist organisations to gain competitive advantage and improve your organisation’s performance, primarily through the analysis of existing organisational structure Financial data, processes and practices. We will assist you to develop a system which emphasizes on effective and efficient decision making.

Financial Consultancy

We advise our clients to generate maximum economic value by optimum utilization of financial resources. Moreover, we make the finance function more efficient, effective and better aligned with your business strategies, so that the organization can realize and sustain values over the long term.

Accounting Services

Based on the clients requirements, we provide accounting services such as recording business transactions, analyzing and communicate in line with accepted principles and guidelines.

We could also help restructure priorities and resources, and thereby re-vitalizing and streamlining all phases of your operations.

Financial Feasibility Studies

We provide services on  providing feasibility studies and reports to ensure  a good return which is critical to the survival of any Projects.

Payroll Management Services

We assist in providing automated payroll management solutions to organizations. This assures confidentiality on staff payroll.

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